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Our MISSION and core values

Santa Maria Nuova Hospital at Reggio Emilia produces and delivers standard and extremely complex healthcare services and support with proven scientific value, which are in line with the resources it has available.
It develops training and research programmes, promotes innovation and designs paths for its quality system whose aim is to ensure the public receives services that are increasingly qualified and in order to improve the skills and commitment of its practitioners.
It also contributes to promoting, maintaining and improving the good health of the local population.
The healthcare decisions taken at Santa Maria Nuova Hospital are consistent with regional policies and aim at integration with the province’s public and private healthcare structures in order to safeguard the health of the local public.
It adopts all the social, political, financial and voluntary resources available at provincial and regional level in order to promote the health of the local public.
The core values of Santa Maria Nuova Hospital are developed in line with its goals and represent a clear benchmark for the daily activities of hospital practitioners and managers in terms of:
  • respect among practitioners and between practitioners and the public; 
  • collaboration inside and outside the hospital;
  • transparency of decisions and results as regards the public and practitioners;
  • responsibility at all levels;
  • technical, professional and organisational quality;
  • the safety of services rendered, the environment and the organisation;
  • innovation and research for the development of new ideas, making optimum use of the intelligence and professional experience of its personnel.


The Hospital Vision revolves around:
  • the pursuit of excellence,
  • the development of Clinical Governance programmes,
  • putting patients first; ensuring equal access for all,
  • listening to the public and encouraging public participation,
  • promoting human resources and encouraging their participation,
  • the development of innovation and research,
  • the routine review of the quality of its clinical and technical/administrative services and ongoing improvement,
  • integration with the Local Health Authority,
  • developing relationships with the University.

Last updated on: 01/07/2013