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CORE refers to Reggio Emilia Cancer Centre, a facility devoted to healthcare and high quality research as far as diagnosis and treatment of malignancies are concerned; CORE aims at the best global management of patients too. Large areas and the most appropriate services help CORE to represent a forefront clinical and care model, devoted both to professional expertise and residential well-being for patients and professionals. Architectural layout was meant to offer high service standards, as concerns protection of privacy, custom-tailored treatments, support and comfort
CORE displays remarkable paintings by contemporary Reggio Emilia artists who donated them to CORE. 
CORE starts its activity after a building which lasted 5 years, thanks to the economic support by Regional Health Service, its own resources and donations by Third Sector Organizations, first of all Grade Onlus and Apro Association. Relocation of Hospital Units within CORE should be completed between July and December 2016. 

Last updated on: 30/03/2017